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TLV Air & Gas Traps

TLV offers a variety of air and gas traps for use with compressed air, inert and hazardous gas systems. TLV air traps automatically remove water or condensate from compressed air systems in process plants. Some of the benefits to using air traps include:

arr Prevent damage to the driving parts of pneumatic tools or actuators
arr Prevent failure of pneumatic controls and instrumentation on control panels
arr Eliminate rust and contamination problems on equipment cleaned with compresses air that contains moisture – especially important for precision instrumentation and machinery
arr Longer service life of pneumatic tools like riveters, wrenches and grinders
arr Prevent uneven painting when using a spray gun that uses compressed air

TLV air traps fall into two general categories:

  Pipe-End Use Type – this type is installed at a gravity drain point and discharges condensate collected in air mains or receivers
In-Line Use Type – this type is installed in-line with air flow and separates condensate from compressed air and discharges it while delivering dry air
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