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Reliability Improvement Services

Why is everyone talking about improving equipment reliability? Reliability refers to the probability that equipment, machinery or systems will perform their required functions satisfactorily under specific conditions, for a certain period. This is usually measured by Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) - the duration of failure-free performance under stated conditions. Increasing your MTBF translates into reduced operating and maintenance costs which then improves your profitability - that's why everyone's talking about it!

Our goal as your supplier is to help you improve the reliability or your process through product application expertise, equipment upgrades, troubleshooting equipment bottlenecks, new technology and training. Our Applications Specialists work closely with your employees to understand your equipment issues and to provide you with the information, products, and services that best solve your problems effectively and efficiently.

We have experience in plants in a wide variety of industries, including: Refining, Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Manufacturing, Power Generation, Food & Beverage, Hi-Tech Manufacturing and Marine Equipment. We are confident that we can work with you to identify reliability improvement and cost savings projects at your plant. We can help you improve the reliability of your process in the following areas:

Pump Performance and Reliability

Pumps and other rotating equipment can often be upgraded to perform more effectively and beyond original specs. This can be done by rebuilding to new design specs, redesigning existing components, or replacing components with new, state of the art technology, or a combination of all these. The following are some examples of these and other ways that we can help you upgrade your existing equipment and improve overall reliability:

arr System curve analysis and pump recommendations for each application
arr Blackmer System One centrifugal pumps for durability and severe service
arr Back cover conversions and Power end upgrades for better performance
arr API process pump retrofits to meet your specific requirements
arr Improve slenderness ratios with stiffer shorter shafts
arr Dual seal technology to prevent failures when water flushes are lost
arr Inpro Seal bearing isolators for improved bearing protection and life
arr DuPont Vespel for wear rings, line shaft bearings, and throat bushings
arr Chesterton mechanical seals and packing for dependable seal performance
arr SpiralTrac to increase equipment uptime and minimize water consumption

Steam System Reliability and Savings
arr Identify improperly piped steam traps
arr Survey steam traps to eliminate failed open traps that waste steam energy
arr Identify traps that have failed closed causing production bottle necks
arr TLV TrapMan and PenCheck steam trap testing and management systems
Air System Reliability and Savings
arr Identify and repair air leaks in the plant
arr Remove water from the air lines
arr Survey air traps and dryers for proper operation
Motor Reliability & Electricity Savings
arr Increase bearing life by installing Inpro Seal bearing isolators
arr Identify base and piping problems causing failures due to alignment
arr Use IEEE841 energy efficient motors
arr Identify and re-rate pumps to reduce horsepower consumption
Additional Value Added Services
arr Reduce inventory by standardization of manufacturers, materials and sizes
arr Reduce the number of parts needed through improved equipment reliability
arr Develop preventive / predictive maintenance program for equipment
arr Expansion joint specification and installation services
arr Efficiency Audits

Pan-Pacific Supply can help you achieve maximum reliability when specifying new equipment or maintaining equipment currently in use.

Please contact your Pan-Pacific Supply application specialist or customer service representative to discuss how we can help you upgrade your equipment and improve your MTBF.

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